Deliver the PERFECT message every time. Represent your company as only YOU can…

Have you ever left a business luncheon, mixer or reception kicking yourself because you didn’t have enough time to really tell a new prospect about your company?

Have you ever ended a presentation wishing you had said more or something different?

Imagine what it would be like to have  the “PERFECT ELEVATOR SPEECH” ready for delivery every time and any time you want! WOW!   That would be awesome, right?  Your Best Foot Forward video presentation is just that!  The perfect introduction to your business, delivered by YOU.

Meet Dick Baxley, Baxley Properties, Palm Desert Ca.

Now, with everyone using YOU-TUBE and with video technology being so easy and affordable, you can easily create your very own, business message for inclusion in all your marketing and messaging campaigns; on your website, in your newsletter, e-mail campaigns as a lead generator!

Jot down an outline or create a complete script, slap a mini video camera on a little tripod or use your webcam, connect a microphone and it’s “lights…camera… Action”!


Distribution online is equally as easy. YOU-TUBE is just one of the FREE video sites available today. The list of video sites wanting YOUR video content is extensive! For along list of easy to use recommended sites that will host your video for FREE, click here!

Preparation is important: Online video engages people, but your story must keep their attention. If it’s too long or if your message is not well planned, your audience will click away before you finish telling your story!
To prepare your message, consider the following:
Length of presentation: No more than 3-5 minutes
Content: Tell your story with a beginning, middle and end. Keep it very clear and on purpose, don’t ramble or go off on tangents.
Call to action: Make sure you ask your visitors to do something: Call me, visit my website, sign up for my newsletter.
Reason to respond: give them a special report, tickets to a seminar, a prize drawing etc.

Technical details:

The visual delivery is as important as your message. Once you have recorded your message play it back and view it with a very critical eye. Do you like what you see and hear?
How is the sound? Is it loud enough? Is there inappropriate background noise; dogs, kids, phones, traffic, office loud speaker, etc?
Can people see you well? Is there enough light?
Are you smiling? A genuine, confident smile is essential.
How’s that shirt or blouse you are wearing? Would you wear it to a business function where you might meet your next big client?
Are you looking right into the camera with confidence and not looking away or down?

Remember, this will be “Your image” he moment it does online. Pretty hard to retract that first impression, so make sure your appearance is the professional image you will be proud to deliver.

When you are completely satisfied with your video presentation, post it to at least 3 video websites. This will do several things. #1 In the event one site goes down or removes your video for whatever reason , you have 2 more URL’s (sites) as backups. #2, your video will have wider distribution and be seen by a larger audience.

Once your video is posted, you will have an IP address or URL that you can insert into every marketing message. Create a complete campaign around your new video presentation, and then include in everything you send out!

There is no one on the planet that can talk about your company or product like you! You have the drive, the passion and the desire to succeed and you love what you do! Shine on in your very own video message! You will be dazzled by the comments you receive and the results of your efforts!

For a complete guide and production tutorial on  how to create an excellent professional video message leave a comment and we will respond right away!!  You will receive our “How To Do It Yourself Guide”

Included in the “Best Foot Forward” How-To guide

• Complete checklist of do’s and don’ts for crafting your message.
• What to wear on camera, best colors, best styles.
• Recommendations for affordable cameras and audio gear.
• 10 highly ranked video websites and how to use them,
• How to maximize your video submission so it can be seen by thousands of people.


If all this seems just too overwhelming OR if you want to “raise the bar” in professionalism and perceived production value  ONLINE MEDIA PROS has the solution! In our studios or on location, we will film your Perfect Elevator Speech with you as the star!
All you have to do is show up! We will help you craft your message, suggest what to wear, help you rehearse your delivery and roll the camera. You walk away with a perfectly produced, HD video production that delivers your message and shows the world that you mean business!

For information about our Best Foot Forward production program, sign in and one of our producers will contact you right away.   We will also send you a presentation packet, full of ideas for making the most of your Best Foot Forward media message.

Weather using the “Do It Yourself” approach or hiring Online Media Pros, online video is an excellent way to deliver your message perfectly time after time!

Another Best Foot Forward production example

Meet Andy Langer,   CEO  of  Roberts & Langer Agency, New York

We look forward to talking with you and answering your questions in full detail. Comment on this post and we will be in touch!