email marketing envelopes
You spend hours crafting the perfect message, the ultimate introduction to your spectacular offer and once finished, there is yet one more hurdle… the ominous BLANK Subject line glaring back at you !

You know this is the Golden Gate, the invitation, the KEY to having your message read vs. deleted in a heartbeat. What do you say?  What are the magic words that will entice your reader to OPEN your email immediately?

The list of “words” both good and bad found below may surprise you. What the lists do show is that the simplest shift-tweak or minor change can mean a world of difference to your campaign…

According to a recent study by the British Marketing Firm ANESTRA,  the words “Free Delivery”  “Alert” and “Bulletin” when used in your subject line had much higher than average open and click through rates.

On the other hand, “Report”, “Learn”, “Book”, “Newsletter” actually had a negative effect and very low open rates.

As for “DATE” related content, the highest open rate is achieved by using “Daily” and “Weekly” whereas using “Monthly” had the reverse and most definitely negative effect.

So, we can safely say we NEVER want to use “Learn from our Monthly Newslstter” in our subject line… correct?


High open rates:  Video, Sale, Voucher, News,  pad,  Breaking, Editor, Update, Review, Limited and Special.

Low and negative open rates:  “?”  Win, Trail, Facebook, Free, Register, Discount, Forecast,  “Top Stories” and “This week”

WORDS are incredibly powerful, but more importantly our clients-customers are a sensitive and savvy moving target . As business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs it is our responsibility to monitor our marketing efforts and analyze for ourselves what does and does not work with our client/ customer list.

Business handshakeDelivering relevant information that is appreciated by our clients IS our main objective. Being of service above and beyond their expectations, adding value to every communication with NO strings attached will go miles when building long-standing referral relationships and loyal customers.

About the research: The study was based on an analysis of a random sample of over 90,000 email campaigns, each with a list size of at least 5,000 subscribers, for a total of over 2 billion emails.  For the entire report, CLICK HERE