Video marketing is the use of VIDEO on your website, in your emails, in your newsletter on YOU-TUBE to deliver your marketing message.

ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING is all about the message; short, to the point and with a specific call to action.  Using a specific, targeted, message formula your “marketing” videos will not be a sales pitch at all… but rather an interesting and informative message that will entertain your viewers and help them remember YOU above your competitor.

Video tells your story better than any other method

Video keeps your visitors attention longer

Video increases your search results (GOOGLE loves Video)

Video establishes YOU as the authority in your field!

People looking for your product or service want to learn about your business and get to know YOU quickly. You have just a few seconds to grab their attention and win their interest in doing business with you.  VIDEO will do just that. There is a reason why YouTube is so popular!

When creating your message consider the following:

  1. Be Sincere. People do business with REAL people. Share your personality and your joy in what you do.
  2. Give them the BEST OF your business. With honesty and humility,  tell them what you do best and how you will exceed their expectations
  3. Give them information they can use, whether they hire you and your company or not!  “Givers, Gain” is the online marketing motto. If you give them information of value, YOU will be perceived as a real PRO!
  4. If you can, create a “gift” or incentive to encourage them to leave their contact information. A discount, a FREE report. Knowing who watched your video and then being able to thank them AND continue to market to them puts you 10 steps ahead of what your competition is doing.
  5. ALWAYS THANK your visitors!  Remember, they didn’t have to spend time with YOU…. Let them know how appreciative you are.

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