If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is “worth MILLIONS” Video markteing is no loner an “OPTION” idf you are serious about creating an effective online marketing campaign.

Online Video Consumption

  • In a month – 45%+ users view videos atleast once a month and an average viewer is exposed to 32 videos per month.
  • In a day – 100 Million people are watching videos; no wonder YouTube is the 2nd most visited website.
  • Once a week – An average user spends 16 minutes to watch videos, from that 50% watch business related videos which includes a major chunk (3/4th) of executives who are viewing these videos. 65% of audiences visit the marketer’s website after they have viewed the video, now this is a percentage you just cannot ignore.

Result of the Online Video Consumption

  • 80% of users remember the ad they have watched online, this takes brand recall to another level.
  • 46% of users take action after viewing the video, and a breakdown of what they do further – 26% look for more information (importance of a clean website), 22% visit the website mentioned in the ad (Have an effective landing page), 15% visit the company mentioned in the ad (Be engaging on social networks to create an impression) and lastly 12% purchased the product which they saw.
  • Video marketing gives emergence to E-commerce as, 64% are likely to buy the product online after viewing the ad.
  • Real estate listing with video has received whopping 403% more inquiries.
  • When it comes to videos demographic don’t matter, visuals are simulating to all the ages.
  • When you integrate videos with email marketing it led to two fold increases in the click through rates, but at the same time when they were integrated in an introductory email led to subscribers opting out of receiving such emails. To have a maximum impact of conversion, integrate video and email during marketing campaigns.

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