Don’t think you will ever see PAGE ONE of Google?

Jeff Graham of USA Today talks with Google engineer Matt Cutts on ways to get your website  noticed and ranked by Google.  Easy to do and in some cases very obvious, these basic steps are often overlooked as we develop and manage our sites. Try these 5 easy steps to getting noticed online and having a higher page ranking quickly.

#1.  What will people type when trying to find your services?

Think about what you would type if you were searching for your service? House painter?  House painter in Palm Desert?  Include these specific words in your website title. Also, make sure you include these words and descriptive text on your home page! If you specialize  in Faux painting, make sure you include that phrase on your home page too!

#2. Title tags matter.

It’s the very first thing people see when they are searching. Make sure it makes sense and describes what they will find when they visit your site. Description tags. Everyone reads the first line under the title tag. Spend time on your description phrase. Write a keyword rich summary of your website content.

#3.  Links are important.

The more people that link to you the higher you will go. Write an article, start a blog,  join a forum, participate in conversations throughout the web.

Don’t think you have anything to talk about! How about “the weirdest customer experience you have ever had” or  “ 5 cost saving tips to share with customers” before they call a service company.

Great resources for finding out what people are interested in and talking about are: DIGG, STUMBLEUPON, GOOGLE NEWS.

Google loves 2.0 connectivity. The more you engage in the online conversation, the greater your presence will become. People will get to know you through your articles. It’s a great way of selling yourself without selling at all !

Remember to  include your website URL on every signature opportunity!  Adding your website URL to your author box at the end of each conversation or article submission  is A LINK to your site!!!

4. Two biggest misconceptions about GOOGLE ranking

1.  If you buys ads, adwords you will be ranked higher quicker. NOT SO according to Matt Cutts.

2.  You have to “pay” Google for a high page rank. NOT SO! Google is looking for great content for their viewers. Create good content, make it easy to find and you will zoom to the top in no time!!

5. It Take 3-6 months to be ranked by Google

Google crawls the web every minute and refreshes its entire index every 30 days. Implementing the basics, and with proper keyword placement a new site could be recognized within a few days!

6. VIDEO The Secret weapon!

VIDEO sells and is loved by Google! The web is starving for video content. Telling your story in video and posting it on your site can be the “golden ticket” to super high page ranking and high search results!

Need help in producing your video? Don’t know how to post it on your site? Want to know how to make the most of your video story?

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