Monitoring your websites image and public presence is important. If you haven’t typed in your company’s name just to see what pops up, you should.  By using a few FREE online resources you can easily monitor your online “reputation” and manage your online web presence. With a strong, consistent web presence, in many cases you can actually increase your site traffic. A better presence can often lead to more traffic to your site! More traffic… MORE business!

FIND OUT WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT YOUR BRAND OR COMPANY. gives you a glimpse of what information is circulating about you online. If you find information that is erroneous or incorrect, a call or email to the sites webmaster will often resolve the issue. But first, its up to you to find the flaws.

REGISTER YOUR COMPANY NAME with and On both sites you can include information about your business, add URL’s, upload photos all of which help search engines find you.

GET LISTED IN DIRECTORIES. How often have you gotten a notice “Claim your FREE listing on our directory” only to disregard it as a sales ploy? Next time, check it out! Being listed on GOOD directories is just another way of getting noticed. Look for local and national associations, industry directories and list yourself!  Its free and remember, links back to your website are a good thing!

HAVE A FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND YOUTUBE page. Social Media is one of the best ways to increase your online presence. Each Social Media site links back to your site… Links translate to content popularity.  If your website is perceived as being “popular” it will rise in page rank.

START A BLOG! Today, online success and being noticed is all about the conversation. Start a conversation by creating a BLOG.  Go to and Each offers a simple platform for creating you first BLOG. Very user friendly you will soon have a place to begin discussing your business, your passions, hobbies and expertise. Join a conversation- research forums and Groups on GOOGLE. There are many avenues to start talking about your business. You will be amazed at how may people have similar interests.