Because you followed the QR CODE CONGRATULATIONS !

ONLINE MEDIA PROS will perform a comprehensive online visibility and web presence evaluation for your business.

Simply email me and schedule a quick phone conversation. Based on some basic information from you, we will run a comprehensive evaluation of your entire online presence and forward to you in 24 hours!

So What’s the Big Deal about QR codes?? 

Well, you’re here right?   QR codes are a fast way to deliver information an offer, a gift to anyone that grabs it with their smart phone!

Easy to access, your new customers will appreciate the special offer.

YOU get their information and THEY get a: report, discount, special offer if they act right away.

You increase business, find new customers and reward those that ACT NOW with a special incentive!.

Pretty simple!!

For more information on how to effectively use QR codes in your business marketing plan… Contact us today!! 760 863 2200 

We look forward to helping you BOOST your online marketing presence and SUPER CHARGE your profits!