Small business owners, those knee deep in running their businesses by themselves wonder why they should add one more chore to their to-do list. The reason may not be obvious but the results are profound. Bottom line we all need more business and YOU have something unique! YOU are an expert in what you do!

Whether you are a House Painter – Architect – Physician – Shoe Shop Owner – Energy Consultant – New Business or Old Business owner, YOU are a PRO at what you do and people are looking for your information!

Today 85% of all product and service research STARTS online! People do business with people they know like and trust!  But how in the world do you get noticed when there are over 14 BILLION indexed pages online?

How can anyone FIND you let alone get to know you?

How can they get a sense of who you are and what type of business person you are ?

The answer my friend is  ARTICLES and BLOGGING !

Write a sincere, well thought out, informative article and maybe even produce a short but informative, topical video and YOU will be perceived as the expert in your field.

Online marketers have known this for years BUT the local, small business owner hasn’t a clue 🙂  JUMP IN! Be the first and you will smile for days!!!

Be first and you will dominate your market.  Start a BLOG either on your website or as a seperate website (easy to do)  and you are on your way! I promise!


Here’s a great, TRUE story. We now manage  the online marketing for a local Real Estate Broker. They are NOT part of a huge National franchise and they don’t have zillions of dollars to promote their business.

When we took over their online image, their site was no where to be seen! Could not find them online to save our souls! Even when we typed in their specific brokerage name- “Nada-Zilch-ZIP!

They were totally skeptical, didn’t believe a word I was saying and pretty much told me to go away… Their closing words were “Prove it” and then we’ll talk... Well, I dont take client challenges like that any longer but this one time I did. Deep inside I thought, Wow… if I can get this brand on the radar I can do anything!

We accepted the challenge and set about doing “what we do”  About 3 months later they dominated Google page ONE for their business name.  Oh, by the way, there are over 8 million search results for their specific name.

But the best part is they got a call from a woman over 600 miles away  who opened the conversation by saying “I understand you are the expert in Redhawk properties… we are coming into town and want to buy a house. Can you meet with us”?   Need I say more?   How did we do it??

We helped our client write an article about the specific neighborhood and produced a nice video of the real estate broker introducing the neighborhood, it’s amenities and benefits. He simply INVITED viewers to give him a call for more info.

The key here is he did NOT pitch a property, he did not hard sell his services. He simply presented himself as a helpful and informative resource for anyone interested in this specific area!  Deal closed- he got paid “CHA-CHING”! He’s now a believer!!!

Here are SIX other reasons to begin blogging right this minute!

1. Build thought leadership by showing your expertise and becoming a go-to resource for prospects and media.

2. Get SEO value for each blog article. More content = more opportunities to get found online.

3. Engage in a dialogue with customers and prospects through blog comments. Host conversations and respond to issues or questions.

4. Attract social media followers. Businesses that blog enjoy more social media reach because they have content to share.

5. Generate more leads online. A HubSpot study found that businesses that blog generate more than 67% more leads online compared to businesses that don’t blog.

6. Attach a personality to your brand by giving your company the voice of the people behind your brand.

Well… what are you waiting for?  For more information on “HOW TO BLOG”  subscribe to  “OOMPH” your online marketing booster club!

PROOF that it works 🙂    Our clients website is HARVEST TEAM REAL ESTATE












I’ll be looking for your articles and blogs! Tell us what you think and share YOUR experience!   Need help getting started? Contact us for some FREE advise 🙂